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Brian Niño

A single Language

Every child dreams of finding magic, they dream of achieving marvelous things that nobody has done before and without a doubt, it is that magic, those desires of reaching our dreams the ones that keep us alive, the ones that day by day give our lives a true purpose.

My name is Brian Niño, a Colombian young man that since was little understood that only one thing was able to bring him that longed for magic, that purpose of life, football.

This fantastic sport is not only capable of drawing the attention of billions of people around the world, as it also causes true passion and emotion within a person. In just 90 minutes you can experiment love, hatred, frustration, joy, sadness and that is what makes football unique.

This project started back in 2015, to be more precise on the 22 of July of 2015 when I was only 14. Yes, maybe I was too young and inexperienced, but definitely, when you are passionate about something there is not an appropriate time to begin.

If there is something in common between football and writing it is that both generate a significant impact in people's lives, both can achieve a deep connection with the spectator and in this way touch this one´s feelings.

Football is a worldwide language and therefore it is capable of unifying people. That is the reason why Futbol World FC is here, our main objective is not to simply inform of what is happening in the football world, but rather trough this information transmits diverse messages that make of us better persons and that leave true teaching within us.

Football is much more than only a sport and that is why you can connect it with every single aspect of the world, it only takes some creativity to understand this. Football goes further than 22 men running behind a ball, football is art, culture, politics, economy, traditions, history, present and future… football is everything.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting new things, of following your dreams, of trying a little of the magic you desire, Futbol World Fc is here to show you everything that goes beyond a rolling ball, we are here to show you football´s real magic.