Passion Zone


It is not easy to describe what football is capable to cause within a person, it doesn´t the opinions you ask for or to whom you ask them, what football generates on the society is uncompressible and impossible to explain with words.

What this wonderful sport is capable of, is inexplicable, is like in 90 minutes the world you live in turns into a fairy tale, where people open up their emotions regardless of the thousands surrounding them. A place in which people can feel how within them a little spark emanates, the passion spark which keeps us alive.

Therefore, in this section, we want to pay tribute to everyone that at some moment experienced this incomparable sensation of feeling that for the first time in their life's everything is possible.  

This section is a commemoration to you my dear football fan because you know that football is much more than only a sport. To you, who knows that going to the stadium is more than that because going to the stadium means going home, home with thousands and thousands of people who are willing to cry, laugh, and connect with you because you are part of their family, the incredible football family.

What are you waiting for?

Share your stadium experience and spread the football magic.

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